Greetings from Silicon Valley

Photo by the City of San Jose

Photo by the City of San Jose

We're excited to have officially landed in San Jose, California for our fourth stop of 2016. Stop by for a swing at the south east point of Plaza de César Chavez until October 2nd. Good vibrations guaranteed.

Psst. Yes, we will be welcoming visitors throughout the San Jose Jazz Fest! Check out some photos from our launch event below. 


SxSW ECO 2016


A piece of The Swings magic is heading to SXSW Eco this fall!

'Reviving Cities Through Collaboration' will be a workshop hosted by Daily tous les joursRock Ventures LLC and CLUE Group to explore The Swings' impact on cities. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen through community voting. See you in Austin!


The Swings take over New York City

Photo by Ryan Muir, Courtesy of Arts Brookfield 

Photo by Ryan Muir, Courtesy of Arts Brookfield 

Hello, NYC! Musical magic is officially in full swing at Battery Park on the Lower Manhattan waterfront. Swing facing the Hudson River from noon - 8pm until July 7th. 

4th of July weekend in the Big Apple, anyone?


Swinging to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

In celebration of The Swings' final week in Detroit, we collaborated with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to create one giant musical playground. Musicians from the DSO stopped by to play along with the notes visitors were triggering from swinging on the installation. 


Behind the Scenes in Detroit with Jay Fenech

Ever wonder what the human behind the camera is thinking?

Meet Jay Fenech, a street photographer based in Detroit. Born and raised in the surrounding suburbs, it wasn’t long before Jay fell in love with the city’s architecture and rich cultural history. You may have already seen his work circulating on social media – his evocative shots of the magic that The Swings encapsulates demonstrates his unique talent for photography. Jay’s interest in The Swings originates in his desire to capture community-focused stories.  

Age, race, social status, zip code.. these things don’t matter at The Swings. People waiting in line are talking with others they had never met before, laughing and occasionally stepping out of line to help a little one up on a swing when his or her mother didn’t have enough hands to get each of her kids on a swing at the same time.

Meet Candace Cooper, the official #MusicalSwings host while the installation is in Cadillac Square. A proud Detroiter hailing from Gary, Indiana, Candace is an ambassador for Campus Martius Park. Stop by and introduce yourself during opening hours!

“I’m very excited for The Swings to be here in Detroit. I feel like this is an extension of an idea that I’ve been thinking about over the past couple of years. I love the fact that the project takes shape through the form of art – it allows people to synch up and encourages them to let their guard down and just enjoy each other’s company.”  


Music is in full swing this spring in Downtown Detroit and Montreal

From one city to the next, the musical swings are taking over America's public spaces. Detroit and Montreal are now officially in sync – from Campus Martius Park to Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles, the home of our original  swings installation, 21 Balançoires. 

Visit the installation in Campus Martius Park until May 8th and in Quartier des Spectacles by May 29th.

Roadtrip, anyone?


Announcing our next stop: Detroit!

Join us this April for the second stop of our 2016 US tour supported by the Knight Foundation in Cadillac Square, the heart of the Motor City. Located minutes away from Downtown Detroit’s esteemed Campus Martius Park, the square is the perfect location for positive interaction. A city that places such a strong focus on placemaking and urban revitalization of their public spaces, Detroit is a perfect fit for an installation like The Swings that promotes collaboration and civic engagement. The dates of duration are from April 7th to May 8th, 2016. Stay tuned for updates!


Visiting The Global Prospective School

At the launch of The Swings in West Palm Beach we received a surprise gift – a prototype of the musical swings set, designed and built by students at the Global Prospective School. This initiative was the perfect occasion for the students to practice their understanding of the design process. Influenced by The Swings, the school shared with us a book they had put together with their creative insights and doodles.

We took up the invitation from the Global Prospective School educators Sophie de la Paz and Annmarie Mitchell to visit their classroom for a discussion on the vision and interactivity behind The Swings. What followed was an in-depth conversation about how & why design decisions are made and the impact a piece of public art can generate. 

We are excited to be such a source of inspiration to the community. We are also touched by how the Global Prospective School is reshaping the way children build relationships and is creating a new form of curriculum that is experimental, relevant and most importantly – fun! 


Now Swinging in West Palm Beach!

Images provided by West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority

We've launched The Swings in West Palm Beach! Swing by Clematis Street before March 6th to experience musical magic in motion. Use #MusicalSwings to participate and keep up with the action. 


Behind the scenes on Clematis Street

It's official, The Swings are now on tour.

Only 3 more days until you can visit the installation in West Palm Beach. Like us on Facebook to follow the action!


Next stop, West Palm Beach!


Less than one month until the Swings will be in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida! Visit the installation on Clematis Street from February 4th to March 6th. Opening hours are 11am to 10pm Monday through Friday and 10am to 11pm on weekends. 


The Swings at Green Box Arts Festival, Colorado

The project premiered June 2014 at the Green Box Arts Festival, in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. Set amidst the mountains, The Swings not only brought participants together but also brought them closer to the astonishing surroundings. We are really excited to see how the musical experience will be transformed from one site to another for upcoming tour dates. Stay tuned to discover the next outing!